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Welcome to the IRIS registration process. IRIS, Immediate Response Information System, will deliver alerts to all communication devices you may carry (phone, email, SMS/Text Message, PDA, etc.) in case of emergencies. Alerts will be sent from the proper authorities and will have detailed information and instruction relevant to the situation.

The choice to sign up for IRIS is yours; this service is not mandatory. Only enrolled citizens will receive broadcasts. You are not forced to opt-in if you do not want to participate.

Please select your State, County, and then City. Your city represents the group you will join to receive IRIS alerts. You may sign up for as many cities as you like at its subscription price. For more information on signing up your city or county, call (866) 894-5474.

 Select State:
  State selected = Missouri

 Select County:
  County selected = Polk County

 Select City: Aldrich Area : $8.00 per year
Bolivar Area : $8.00 per year
Fair Play/Dunnegan Area : $8.00 per year
Halfway Area : $8.00 per year
Humansville/Flemington Area : $8.00 per year
Morrisville Area : $8.00 per year
Northeastern Area : $8.00 per year
Pleasant Hope Area : $8.00 per year
Polk Area : $8.00 per year
County Wide : $8.00 per year

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